How To Get Pulled Over by the Cops

Well, this may seem like a pointless post since we did all have to take a driving test in order to obtain our licenses – we already know the rules of the road! Unfortunately, road rage is becoming more and more prominent these days and everyone probably needs a little reminder.

Here are the top 5 things that catch the attention of traffic police:

  1. Speeding
    Well, duh. But why? The faster you go, the longer it takes for you to react to an unexpected situation. Braking distance also increases as your speed builds.
  2. Cell Phones
    We all know that texting and driving is a big no-no. In North Carolina, it is legal to talk on your cell phone while driving, but using Bluetooth or some hands-free device will keep an officer’s eyes off of you.
  3. Hazardous Driving
    This includes: blowing stop-signs and lights, improper lane changes, illegal U-turns, and driving at unsafe speeds. The cops are also going to notice when you’re busy shaving, putting on make-up, or changing your clothes. Of course, it’s not necessarily against the law to do these things, but you’re only drawing attention to yourself and a cop will likely pull you over as soon as you slip up.
  4. Equipment Violations
    Leading the list are: heavily tinted windows, burnt-out headlights, broken windshields, expired tags, etc.
  5. Cruising on the Highway
    Cruising in the left lane on a multi-lane highway instead of using it only to pass slower traffic on the right will grab an officer’s attention. The same goes if you’re going significantly slower than the normal traffic flow.


So, when you do get pulled over, know that officers have legal discretion in what they can cite you for. Saying or doing the wrong thing may make things worse. When the officer approaches you and says: “Do you know why I stopped you today?” – take a minute to answer. If you admit guilt or name a specific speed that you were driving, your fate is sealed. Be courteous but vague. However, if it’s very clear you’ve done something wrong, it won’t help being too evasive either.


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