8-ish Mouth-Watering Snacks To Concoct on Game Day

We found that, as with most holidays, a big part of the Super Bowl has to do with food. So we did some research and found 8-ish recipes for you to serve on game day. All these recipes were pulled from somewhere on the internet – which is great for you, because we’re not food experts.

  1. 1-Individual 7 Layer DipIndividual 7-Layer DipsThis is a genius idea, we think! It’s perfect for kids and those who like to double-dip, and not everyone has to huddle around a little platter, knocking hands and breaking chips to grab some dip.The blog that we stole this from actually created those individual custom stickers to place on the individual cups and beer bottles. Here’s the link to the extremely simple recipe.
  2. Jalepeño Popper DipMost people love jalepeño poppers, and most people love dip. Well this recipe provides the best of both worlds. With only 10 ingredients (none of which you need to buy at a specialty grocery store), this recipe makes a great Super Bowl snack. Just make sure to de-seed those jalepeños, or you’re party guests will be red in the face before the refs make their first bad call.
  3. Sliders with Bacon, Cheddar, BBQ & Homemade Onion RingsCooking Creations, the provider of this recipe calls these sliders “dude food at it’s finest.” We couldn’t agree more. This recipe yields for 12 sliders (although you may need to double that) and does require a little bit more attention and cooking skills than the previous two, but it’s sure to be worth it when you see everyone at the party devour them before the game even starts. We’re sure there’s a few shortcuts you could make though, too.Is your mouth watering yet? We’re not even half-way there yet!
  4. Mom’s Pepperoni RollsThese rolls scream convenience – only a few ingredients, easy to make, fast baking time, and can be served either hot or cold, which gives you the option of cooking those first and putting them in the fridge so you can make sure your stove is open for all your hot goodies. The only thing you have to make sure to have is a muffin tin, which you could probably borrow from your mom if you don’t already have one. We got this from Cook Like Carly (thank you!) – which actually has a ton of delicious looking recipes.
  5. Salad On A StickWe had to throw something healthy in here. This may be a good thing to start off with – fool your guests and tell them you were inspired by that recent Chevy ad and decided that you’re having a Super Healthy Super Bowl, and then surprise them with all your other delicious goodies. Just make sure your guests have a decent sense of humor.The best thing about salad on a stick: no forks, no extra dishes (bowls), and you can lay out some sides of different dressings (whatever you already have in the fridge is fine, probably) so your guests can pick their favorite, or have a different dressing for every bite! Click here for the recipe – if you need it.
  6. Dips and More Dips!This is the -ish. We know we gave you recipes for 2 different dips already, but we found a list on FoodNetwork.com for 50 different dip recipes including fondue, various kinds of hummus, tapenade, guacamole, and salsas. If you choose to take a look at this list for dip ideas, it’ll probably be a little tough to narrow your options. But, if you do need to end up explaining to your guests why most of your coffee table is just various amounts of dip, you can blame us. We’re okay with that.
  7. Wings.You probably have this one covered. But just in case you wanted to “spice it up” this year and try something new, we found like a billion different chicken wings recipes on allrecipes.com for you to use as a little inspiration.
  8. Chocolate Strawberry FootballsWell, you’ll need some sweet comfort food for those rooting for the losing team. These chocolate-covered strawberry footballs are sure to help ease the pain, and with only 3 ingredients, they’re easy to make so you can make them last minute if you need to.

We hope everyone has a Happy Super Bowl! Do you have any special concoctions that you make for Game Day? If you do, leave a comment below and share!

And if you thought we were going to write a whole blog post without mentioning Jeff Gordon Chevy or Chevrolet in general, you were wrong. Check out this sneak peek of one of Chevrolet’s Super Bowl ads for this year: “Romance” that features the new 2015 Silverado HD.


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