Chevy Sonic + Rob Dyrdek = New Guinness World Record

Chevrolet released this video on their YouTube Channel where Rob Dyrdek performs a stunt driving a Chevy Sonic up a ramp, jumping it, and landing down the side of the other ramp. Nothing we haven’t seen before. But he did this all backwards, and set the Guinness world record for longest car jump going in reverse.

We saw it and thought “whoa!” The salesmen here attempted to make a ramp in the back lot but our sales manager put a stop to that barely before it got started. But the video goes to prove that the Chevy Sonic is of course, a compact car, but has a lot of spunk to it as well. It is the first car in its class to offer a turbo-charged engine and get 40 MPG highway. The Sonic is also the first and only vehicle in its class to receive a 5-star safety score from the NHTSA and have 10 standard airbags. So it’s not so surprising that it received the “Highest Ranked Vehicle Appeal Among Sub-Compact Cars” two years in a row by JD Power & Associates.

And on top of all that, Chevrolet also offers a wide array of dealer-installed accessories so you can customize your Sonic however you’d like, including 21 custom graphics, 4 different grilles, 10 spoiler kits, different center caps for your wheels… the list is pretty extensive.

Custom SonicBeing one of the largest Chevrolet dealers in the Carolinas, Jeff Gordon Chevrolet in Wilmington, NC is well-stocked with both hatchback and sedan Sonics. And, with our new Shop-Click-Drive program, you can create your entire deal online, get pre-approved, determine what your payments would be, value your trade (if you have one), and schedule a time to pick it up at Jeff Gordon Chevy or have us bring it to you, anywhere in the country! By creating your deal online through Shop-Click-Drive, you also receive a $100 accessories coupon. Sweet!

If you have any questions regarding the Sonic, current offers, Shop-Click-Drive, or anything else, please either fill out the contact form below, or call our internet sales hotline at (910)798-2650 or toll-free at (888)261-0090.

We included some more Sonic stunt videos for you to check out while you’re here too:


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