Corvette Museum Sinkhole: Real or Fake?

It’s not exactly “news” that the Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, Kentucky experienced a tragedy when a sinkhole unexpectedly swallowed eight Corvettes that were sitting in the Skydome exhibit of the museum last month – February 12th, 2014. The cars that fell victim to this event were:

  • 1993 ZR1 Spyder
  • 2009 “Blue Devil” ZR1
  • 1962 Black Corvette
  • 1984 PPG Pace Car
  • 1992 White 1-Millionth Corvette
  • 1993 Ruby Red 40th Anniversary Corvette
  • 2001 Mallett Hammer Z06
  • 2009 White 1.5-Millionth Corvette

Although you’ve probably already seen it, here’s a video of the Corvettes going under recorded by one of the museum’s security cameras.

Moving on. So, we were perusing the internet this morning and came across something that definitely caught our eye. People are starting to question whether this event was real or actually a hoax. Actually, let us rephrase. Some people are very confident that it’s definitely a hoax, such as this guy, who reviews pictures and videos of the event, pointing out that the cars look like matchbox or Hot Wheels.

But then Jalopnik came back with a contemptuous rebuttal with this article: The Corvette Museum Sinkhole Says Very Sane Internet Man. Author, Jason Torchinsky, encompasses the question: Can we really believe everything that we read or see on the internet? …But in a much more sarcastic tone. One of my favorite things that he points out in the article is this:

Also, this guy is the only one with the b**** to call out Chevrolet’s use of carbon fiber for Corvette bodies, and not that “fiberglass” b******* they’ve been claiming since the 1950s. Oldest trick in the book — call your crazy expensive material something much, much cheaper, and rake in the money.
(We had to censor the bad words and correct Jason’s spelling mistake – you can see all the words in that link we included before.)

Jason makes another good point though: Why in the world would the Corvette Museum concoct this huge plan to fake a sinkhole to swallow Corvettes that, collectively, are worth millions of dollars?

Unfortunately, we don’t know. But we want to hear what you think: Is it totally real and conspiracy theorists are just bored and looking for something to poke at? Or is it a hoax and the people at the Corvette Museum decided that they wanted to pick up the new hobby of creating special movie effects? Leave us a comment with your opinions!

Check out the Corvette Museum’s Blog for updates on the sinkhole and its recovery.


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