We Wish You a Happy St. Patrick’s Day… On a Monday.

St SuburbanFrom the Jeff Gordon Chevrolet Family: Happy St. Patty’s Day! This post is going to be a short one, but we kind of came to some realization today. Saint Patrick’s Day is a “lucky” holiday, but this year it landed on a Monday! Reading through Twitter and other outlets, we’ve noticed that a lot of people are having some serious cases of the Mondays, rather than being luckier than usual like this chick:

Photo by csullyyyy

Well… I guess she was lucky that her car wasn’t totaled after being hit 3 times in a row. But it’s extremely unlucky to be hit 3 times by 3 cars in the first place. So that leaves us to beg the question: Does Monday trump St. Patrick’s Day? 

We’re starting to think it might. Have you experienced any luck today, or terrible un-luck? Please leave us a comment and share!


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