What We Learned From The World’s Longest Car Jump Crash…

French daredevil driver, skier, and rally racer, Guerlain Chicheret sought out to break another world record by performing the longest car jump this past Sunday, March 16th. Just a few weeks ago, Rob Dyrdek achieved this feat, backwards, in a modified Chevy Sonic, a.k.a. the “Super Sonic.” The record for the longest car jump was (and still is) 322 feet, held by Tanner Foust and Chicheret aimed to make it 360 feet, in his modified MINI Countryman. Unfortunately, it didn’t end too well. To his credit, Chicheret had no problem clearing the jump, but the landing was a bit rough, which you can see in the video below.

For us, it was kind of hard to watch! But fortunately, Chicheret pulled himself out of the wreck and walked away with only a few minor injuries. So attempt failed, but this stunt driver does hold the record for something else: The World’s First “Unassisted” Backflip In A Car, also in a MINI!

So this taught us something… MINIs are really good at flipping! And if you’re aspiring to be a stunt driver, you may be better off starting with a Sonic. We’re supposed to say something like “don’t try this at home” but if you’d like to take a regular test drive of a Chevy Sonic, we have close to 20 in stock and always expecting more! Call the internet sales hotline at (910)798-2650 [toll-free: (888)261-0090] or visit JeffGordonChevy.com to view our inventory! And if you join us during the Chevy Open House Event (ending March 31st), you can get supplier pricing, saving you over $1400 on select models. 


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