Buy the Best Vehicle For Your Family at Jeff Gordon Chevy

The days of the minivan are fading (thank goodness) and now moms and dads are forced to do a little more research to find what vehicles are on the market will be best for their family. Some bullet points to consider when finding the perfect vehicle are:

  • Safety
    You don’t want anything that has less than a 5-star crash safety rating by the NHSTA. Also look for other features like  Side Blind Zone Alert, Lane Departure Warning, and OnStar’s Automatic Crash Response. The first two are designed to make sure that you have a 360 degree view on the road while you’re still looking forward (like you should.) The alerts inform you when you have someone in your blind spot or start to drift into another lane. And although your vehicle is safe as can be, there are still other drivers on the road and accidents happen and that’s where OnStar comes into play. These features are available on most new Chevrolet’s, which set them apart from the pack.
  • Comfort
    Well, comfort is something most people consider whether they have a family or not. But for something that you are planning on taking on long road trips, make sure that you, the driver, are comfortable both in the seat and with the aesthetics (where the controls are, if they’re easy to reach and such.) It’s also important that your mini passengers have enough leg room behind you.
  • Cargo
    You don’t want a vehicle that won’t be big enough to hold all of your family’s luggage, sports equipment, or your groceries from your trips to Costco. Find out how much cargo space you have on your current vehicle (you can find it online) and compare it to the vehicles you’re considering.
  • Seating
    Make sure you have enough! But also, make sure the kiddies can get in and out (especially into a third row vehicle) quickly and easily. If you have kids in car seats, make sure that they’re easy to install and uninstall. Don’t be afraid to take the seats out of your car at the dealership and see how it works in the newer car.
  • Entertainment
    Well, not everyone can afford the top-of-the-line/fully equipped model that has rear entertainment and we understand that. But if you and your family are taking regular trips over the river and through the woods to grandma’s house, it’s a good idea to have something to keep the kids entertained. Whether it be some coloring books, whatever the modern version of a Gameboy is, or even some iPad mini’s, pick some things that are age-appropriate to keep the kids from fighting the whole way there. If you do decide to go the iPad route, have some kid-friendly apps downloaded.
    Also, at Jeff Gordon Chevrolet, if you decide to purchase a less-expensive model that’s not already equipped with a rear entertainment system, we can have one installed for you.


A couple of suggestions

Every year, Kelley Blue Book collaborates with real families to test an array of vehicles from sedans to 3rd-row SUVs to minivans to award the best family cars on the market for that year. Nominees are chosen specifically for excellence in safety, comfort, driving performance, room for child seats, cargo space, rear-seat entertainment and other family-friendly features. Of KBB’s 12 Best Family Cars of 2014 recommendations, two Chevrolet’s made the list: the 2014 Impala sedan and the 2014 Traverse.

“We designed the Chevrolet Impala and Traverse precisely to offer a wide suite of useful family-friendly features,” said Russ Clark, Chevrolet director of marketing. “It is good to see that and the customers they surveyed agree.”

The All-New 2014 Chevrolet Impala

14 Impala SnipIn addition to the Impala being one of the best family cars, this completely redesigned full-sized sedan also won J.D. Power & Associates’ award for “Highest Ranked Large Car in Initial Quality.” The Impala is jam-packed with cool safety features (like the ones we mentioned before) as well as an Imminent Braking System that keeps another eye on traffic in front of you and brakes when your vehicle is too close to the one in front of you.  Rear Cross-Traffic Alert alerts the driver to crossing traffic from behind while the vehicle is in reverse. The Impala also provides a stiff, strong body using ultra-high-strength steel and is equipped with 10 standard airbags.

The Impala gives you 18.8 cubic feet of cargo space and more storage than you could imagine. There’s smart storage in the door panels and armrest, as well as umbrella storage in the front doors, and integrated cup holders and phone storage in the console. Items can be kept in reach but out of sight with hidden storage space behind the available color touch-screen radio or stowed away within hidden under-floor storage in the trunk.

And with the Impala’s refreshing, stunning, and classy redesign (both inside and outside), there’s no doubt that you and your family will be arriving at the next gathering in style. Click here to learn more about the 2014 Chevrolet Impala.

During the Chevy Open House Event, can lease a new 2014 Impala for just $269/mo for 36 months or  get a $500 rebate off your purchase. Click here to view inventory.

The 2014 Chevrolet Traverse

14 Traverse SnipThe appeal of the 2014 Traverse starts with class-leading cargo room and continues throughout the richly refined interior, complete with modern technologies and top-of-the-line safety. The Traverse allows up to 8 passengers and has a maximum 116.3 cubic feet of cargo space, more than any other in its class.

Let us elaborate. Moms and dads have the option of having heated and cooled seats so your backside is the perfect temperature at all times to make any road trip comfortable.  And with Smart Slide® second-row seating and available split-folding rear seats, you have easy access to even more spacious seating. You can also get the available power-remote lift gate that opens and closes at a push of a button. And it gets better…

You can have up to TWELVE cup holders in this thing! More than enough to make sure that you don’t get dehydrated during your road trip. And the large door handles are designed to accommodate big and small passengers. The Traverse is also equipped with versatile storage compartments throughout.  The Traverse comes equipped with the same awesome safety features we mentioned for the Impala as well. Click here for more information on the 2014 Chevrolet Traverse.

Until April 30th, you can lease a new Traverse for just $259/mo for 36 months or take advantage of the available $1,500 rebate. Click here to view inventory.


Both the Impala and Traverse also come with Chevrolet Complete Care which includes 2 years and 24,000 miles free maintenance. 

Where to I get one?

Well you could get one at your local Chevy dealership, or, if getting the best price possible is important to you, you could get one at Jeff Gordon Chevrolet. When you purchase a vehicle from us, the (your last name here) family becomes a part of the Jeff Gordon Chevrolet Family so you can be rest assured that we’ll be for you long after the sale.

What if I don’t live near Wilmington, NC?

No problem. With our hassle-free door-to-door delivery service, we can deliver your new Impala or Traverse right to your front door, anywhere in the country.

Visit us online at to browse our inventory, or call the internet sales hotline at (910)798-2650 (toll free: (888)261-0090) for more information. Or you can fill out the contact form below with any questions!


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