We Found The Buried Treasure of the Internet

Yep! We were perusing Pinterest (follow us) this morning  and we came across some plain old awesome stuff and we thought we’d share. Scroll and enjoy these cool ideas that we’ve grabbed that includes mostly recycled car parts to make cool home or office decor and furniture. And if you know of, seen, or have any cool stuff like this, please share it with us by leaving a comment below!

This GMC Truck bed would be cool for a man cave… When you’re not so welcome in your regular bed.
Headlight chandelier… Love it or hate it?
Hubcaps turned Christmas decorations – because, you know, Christmas is just around the corner. (It always is.)
Desk made of two car doors and a piece of glass in between. Cool idea.
Take a seat! Which one's your favorite?
Take a seat! Which one’s your favorite?
This would be cool for a garage. We like how the headlights function so you can use it as an extra light source.
Weld some gears together, place a circular piece of wood on top, and you have a table. Easy peasy.
This house is made almost entirely out of recycled car parts. Click to see more pictures and check out everything they did.
Uhhh… Wish our desks here looked like this!
Hardware storage crates and chalkboards. Love the vintage look!
Genius? Yep! Make a bar out of an old Chevy tailgate – Man Cave Complete. And if you’re feeling real ambitious, you can make the back part a box for glass and bottle storage. And if you’re feeling like Superman, go one step further and recess it into the wall.
Or you could do this. Looks like a lot of work but the end result looks like it’s definitely worth it!
Corvette clock – Love it!
Shop spot light made of recycled headlamp.
Tire chairs! Wow. Not sure how much of a “DIY” project this is, unless your that guy in the picture…
Old Chevy truck bed and tailgate turned awesome rustic cabinet.
Super-glue nuts and put felt on the bottom and voila! Custom coasters! Easy and inexpensive.
Chevy Bel-Air Faucet.
Back seat swing. And if you fit, you could probably take a nap in there, even if its raining.
Tire ottoman. Looks awesome but would definitely require patience!
Similar idea – Portable tire table with wheels. You could probably stack two or three to make the table taller.

We have to stop here or else we could just go on forever and you would never get to see this! Don’t forget to follow us on Pinterest and send us your cool finds either here or there.


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