All-New 2015 Chevrolet Colorado Pricing & Options

Chevy announces standard model to start at $20,995 MSRP.

Chevrolet has finally answered the question that everyone’s been asking: “How much will the new 2015 Colorado cost?”

Well, we got the information here for you! And to make it easier to read, we made a semi-organized table for you:

Colorado Pricing Options PNG

The 2015 Colorado is expected to arrive at Jeff Gordon Chevrolet in Wilmington, NC this Fall of 2014 to compete with the Toyota Tacoma and Nissan Frontier. For more detailed pricing information, or to pre-order yours now, call us at (910)798-2650 or fill out the contact form below to shoot us an email! And, of course, you can always just leave a comment with any questions or, well… comments.

Update 8/25/14: The Colorado is now available for pre-order at Jeff Gordon Chevy! Click below to order yours!

Pre-Order My Colorado

For more information and details on the mid-sized pickup, check out our previous blog posts:


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