Enchanted Airlie Tickets Sold Out for 2014

Luckily, Jeff Gordon Chevrolet has a less expensive alternative.

Photo courtesy of airliegardens.org.

This year marked Airlie Gardens‘ 10 year anniversary for Enchanted Airlie – a beautiful Christmas light display where guests can walk around the gardens and marshes and enjoy uniquely themed exhibits. It’s definitely a favorite for Wilmington locals during the holiday season.

Unfortunately, its popularity has caused it to sell out already for this year! So, if you had it in the back of your head or you were just putting it off – sadly, you’re out of luck… Sort of.

Luckily for you, Jeff Gordon Chevrolet, located at 228 South College Rd in Wilmington, NC has an alternative to get you into the holiday spirit this year! AND, it’s free!

Thanks to the Precise Lawns/Holiday Solutions team, Jeff Gordon Chevy has an animated light display consisting of 63,000 LED lights synced to holiday music favorites. Just visit the lot and tune your radio to 88.3 FM and drive through to enjoy the show! When you get to the end, you can hang a right to go out to College Rd and drive through as many times as you want – no charge!

The holiday music light show starts at 4:30 PM every day and stays on until 7:00 AM the next morning all through the Holiday Season! And, if you happen to be an employee of a public school, private school, or college/university and show up before 8PM (Monday-Friday) or 7PM (Saturday), you can pick out a brand new Chevy to enjoy the holiday light display in. At the end, you’ll even get a $50 Gift Card for doing it! Read more about that here!

You can also check out this map to view all of the Holiday Light Displays around the Wilmington area!

And, if you do happen to come out to check out our awesome lights, share your experience with us by mentioning us on Instagram (@jeffgordonchevrolet) or Twitter (@jeffgordonsales), or just hashtag #JeffGordonChevy!



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