Miss North Carolina 2015 On Her Way to Miss USA

Julia Dalton Sits with Jeff Gordon Chevrolet As She Gets Ready to Compete for Miss USA

The beautiful Julia Dalton, Miss North Carolina USA [2015] sits down with Leacy Sauer of Jeff Gordon Chevrolet as she prepares to compete at the National Miss USA Competition in Baton Rouge, Louisiana this coming July. Watch the video here, or scroll down to read the transcript!

Since she was crowned in October of 2014 as Miss North Carolina, Julia has worked with Jeff Gordon Chevrolet to help fulfill her reign as Miss NC. As a native of Wilmington, NC, Julia came to Jeff Gordon Chevy looking for a vehicle sponsor. She felt that Chevrolet was a perfect choice, being truly American, whose lineup provided something for every lifestyle. She has driven several Chevy models, including the Trax, Impala, Equinox, Malibu, and more, to assist her safely in her many appearances around the state where she puts a strong focus on what she feels most strongly about – community outreach and charitable organizations.

You can learn more about Julia here: http://www.missnorthcarolinausa.com/miss/

Interview Transcript:

Leacy: Hi! This is Leacy from Jeff Gordon Chevrolet. I am sitting here with Miss Julia Dalton who is Miss North Carolina. She is on her way to the Miss USA pageant this year and we just wanted to welcome you here and say thanks for having a chat with us today. And, actually, we just wanted to know – When were you actually crowned Miss North Carolina?

Julia: I was crowned Miss North Carolina USA on October 11th, 2014. It was a big night for me and it’s been an exciting year.

Leacy: Yeah, it sounds like it’s been really crazy. So, the pageant is coming up. When is it and where is it located this year?

Julia: Miss USA is going to be on July 12th and it’s in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. And it’s going to be hot and humid but thankfully since I’m from Wilmington, I’ll be used to it and my hair won’t get too crazy!

Leacy: Well, Baton Rouge, that will be a lot of fun, it’ll be quite a different experience probably. Very nice people who come from Louisiana, too.

Julia: Absolutely.

Leacy: So, you’re a native of Wilmington. What are some of your favorite things about our Coastal City?

Julia: I love the mere fact that we have the beach and the waterways and that beautiful ecosystem. I’m a runner, and so I love taking my jog down to the beach. Getting that run is gives such a sense of solitude. It’s relaxing and [the beach] is so beautiful. There’s something very unique about our beaches, so I think that’s my favorite part.

Leacy:  Great. So as Miss North Carolina [2015], when will your reign end?

Julia: It’ll be a year from the night I got crowned so I’ll have to pass the torch again on October 12th, 2015.

Leacy: Well you’re here at the dealership today and so, [let’s] talk cars a little bit… Think back when you were learning how to drive… Everyone has interesting stories of when they were younger and a teenager and they had that one person who was trying to help them out and teach them the ropes. Who was that person for you?

Julia:  I will never forget whenever we were young, we would do this thing where we would pull into our neighborhood, and my Dad would push back the seat of the car and would let one of us come and sit in his front lap and steer – we were really young, and it was just through the neighborhood and that was always really fun and something that I remember and so that I think that my Dad was always the one who instigated how to drive safely, how to hold the steering wheel and steer properly. So, I would say my Dad.

Leacy:  Well that’s pretty cool.

Julia:  Yeah, it’s a cute memory.

Leacy: So you’ve been with us now since a little bit after you started your reign last year. You got to drive a couple different Chevy models, taking you here and there and everywhere for your appearances. Which one really sticks out in your mind? Did you have a favorite?

Julia:  That’s tough, because I really love all of them, but the 2 that stick out in my mind are the Impala, because it’s just the epitome of a luxury car. You feel comfortable, you feel safe, there’s [a lot of] space, it has a beautiful interior, and it drives really smooth – I love that one, for sure.Miss NC USA 2015 - Chevrolet Equinox - Jeff Gordon Chevrolet - 1

But I also really liked the Trax because you get the feel of a car like you’re in a sedan and you can whip around town, but like an SUV, you are sitting a little higher. That one’s super fun and really sporty – which reflects my personality.

Leacy:  Wow, those are two very different vehicles.

Julia:  Haha, I know! I have two completely different sides of my personality.

Leacy:  So after Miss USA, what’s next?

Julia:  After Miss USA, I’ll keep working at my job at PPD… If I don’t win. If I do win, I’ll be flown to New York City to start my media tour and I will live there for a year. But you know, if I don’t, I’ll come back to Wilmington, North Carolina and continue my job with PPD and fulfill my reign as Miss North Carolina.

Leacy: Awesome. Well, we all think you’re gonna win.

Julia:  Thank you!

Leacy:  Well, thanks so much for sitting with us today and guys, please be sure to watch the Miss USA Pageant coming up on July 12th, live on NBC at 7PM central!

Update 7/9: Julia has arrived in Baton Rouge and has gone through the Miss USA preliminary competition! Check out her contestant interview below!


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