New Car Seat Will Prevent You From Forgetting Your Baby in the Car

Child Safety Technology Developed by Walmart and Evenflo Company Available Starting Mid-August

New Car Seat Won’t Let You Forget Your Baby in a CarWe originally read about this story on AutoGuide about a car seat that will warn parents that their baby is still in the car, to lessen the risk of having the child die of heat exhaustion in a car. At first we thought: “What a GREAT idea!” It’s heartbreaking to hear these stories of pets and children dying in a hot car because they were just “forgotten.” And, unfortunately, it’s too seldom that we hear about stories like this one, where someone is able to take action and rescue a child before it is too late.

According to nonprofit, an average 38 children die each year due to hot cars and surprisingly in about half the cases, children are simply forgotten about in the car seat. Surprisingly, parents often forget to drop a child off at daycare. – AutoGuide

The car seat supposedly communicates with a wireless receiver that can be plugged in to the on-board diagnostics port and syncs with the buckle clasped over the baby’s chest. It would work much like that annoying ding that goes off when you or your passenger needs to put on their seat belt, or when newer cars won’t let you lock the car if they can sense the keys are still inside. So this is all good and great, but then we read the Facebook comments for this same story that was posted by a local news station… And people were not as positive. It kind of killed our vibe.

For the most part, the bulk of the comments said: “If you leave your kid in the car, you shouldn’t be allowed to have children in the first place.” Well, it’s a little late for that. Unfortunately. There’s no way to point someone out and say: “We believe that if you ever reproduce, you’re the type of person that will leave their baby in a sweltering car one day…” Let’s be realistic. But we also believe that this could possibly happen to a mother or father who could be up for parent of the year. Of course, it seems hard to imagine, but we’ve all had those days where we get so lost in everything that’s going on in our hectic lives, and something very important completely slips our minds. Or, you happen to run into the corner store to get one small thing and you get stuck behind that one person who has a coupon for everything and then tops it off by paying with a CHECK! (Please note, I am not excusing these people. I am simply saying that I do find it possible.) But, based on those extremely negative comments, it brought us to this one mind-boggling question:

Will people actually BUY it? Well, if everyone is the best parent in the world, and there is NO WAY EVER that they could possibly leave their child in a hot car by accident, then no one will buy it. And the “bad parents” who don’t really care for their child’s well-being anyway definitely won’t buy it either. It’s kind of a double-edged sword. If you do buy it, you’re saying that you don’t trust yourself with remembering if your mini-me is in the back seat or not. The amount of parents who think that of themselves as that irresponsible is very slim, I’d imagine.

I’ll say now that I am not a parent myself. If and when I become one, of course I don’t think I could possibly commit this sort of crime. But would I rather be safe than sorry? For $150, I would believe so. What do you think? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

And while you’re here, check out this disturbing infographic by SafeKids WorldWide.


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