An AllState Agent’s Advice on Teen Drivers and Auto Insurance

Insurance Tips For Parents This National Teen Driver Safety Week

October 18-24, 2015 – National Teen Driver Safety Week (NTDSW) is dedicated to raising awareness and seeking solutions to preventable teen accidents on the road. To learn more about how to find the best protection for your teen driver, we consulted Alexandra Lysik, a licensed agent with Allstate LagomarAger Agency in Wilmington, North Carolina.


When purchasing car insurance for my new teen driver, is it better to add them to my policy, or get them a new policy?

Normally, it is less costly when a new driver is added as a driver on their parent’s existing policy.

Alexandra Lysik Sales Representative Allstate Logomarager Agency
Alexandra Lysik
Sales Representative
Allstate Logomarager Agency

When does a teen need auto insurance coverage?

In North Carolina, an inexperienced operator must show proof of insurance to get their driver’s license.

Does my teen need the same car insurance coverage I do?

Bodily injury and property damage liability coverage on an auto policy is the same for all vehicles.

Does drivers education affect the cost of my teen’s insurance?

In North Carolina, inexperienced operators do not have to be added to (or purchase) auto insurance until they have the ability to get their NC Driver’s License.

Will a teen driver pay more for car insurance than an adult?

Operators with less than three years verifiable US, Canadian, or Puerto Rican licensed driving experience will receive the inexperienced operator surcharge.

Will my premium increase if I add a teen driver?

Normally, premiums will increase when an inexperienced driver is added to a policy due to the surcharge mentioned above.

What can teens do to reduce their rates?

For an inexperienced operator with less than 3 years verifiable United States, Canadian or Puerto Rican driver’s license, they will see higher premiums when collision and comprehensive is required.  If there is not a lien on the vehicle, then liability only can be selected, which may reduce the premium.

What are some good resources for teens to learn more about coverage?

Call the Allstate LagomarAger Agency we pride ourselves on doing 3 things with all of our customers:

  • We will review the coverage’s in detail,
  • explain the benefits of Allstate, and
  • answer any additional questions so you fully understand your policy and feel confident and safe out on the road.


Allstate LagomarAger Agency is a family operated Allstate Insurance agency in Wilmington for over 20 years. We help people with their insurance – home insurance, auto insurance, renters insurance & more. Our service-oriented insurance agency is owned & operated by David Ager, Marcos Lagomarsino. We are proud to offer Allstate products, because they stand by their service. As an Allstate customer, when you’re in need, you can take advantage of a variety of repair options for a damaged home or auto. From selecting a repair shop, to workmanship guarantees – it just makes sense to work with Allstate. As your Allstate agent, we can help you understand how the choices you make – such as the car you drive – affect your insurance rate. I’m committed to helping you get the appropriate level of protection and make it easy to do business with Allstate.

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Most parents worry about their child’s safety on the road once they obtain their license, and safety features on a car are getting stronger within the Chevrolet lineup. Check out our post on the new Teen Driver feature that will be available on the new 2016 Chevy Malibu!


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