6 Easy Steps for Driving Safely in 2016

Don’t Pokemon Go and Drive

With the recent takeover of the smartphone game, Pokémon Go, it’s obvious that there are some safety concerns, especially while driving. The staff at Jeff Gordon’s Chevrol et dealership in Wilmington, North Carolina has definitely taken a liking to the game as well, but know it’s important to make sure your safety comes before your Pokedex. So, they put together a short video just to remind you to keep your eyes on the road while driving…

Step 1: Put on your seatbelt. 

Driving Safe in 2016 Step 1 GIF.gif

It’s really the safe thing to do… And a silly thing to get pulled over and ticketed for.

Step 2: Check your mirrors!

Driving Safe in 2016 Step 2 GIF.gif

Step 3: Remove all distractions inside of the vehicle.

Driving Safe in 2016 Step 3 GIF.gif

If there is a Pokemon inside your car, catch it, but put your phone down before you start rolling.

Step 4: Have a friend point you in the right direction. 

Driving Safe in 2016 Step 4 GIF.gif

You can also use family members, neighbors, other trainers… We don’t recommend strangers, but that’s your call. If you’re exploring new territory and are out searching for new gyms and Pokestops, have your passenger tell you which way to go.

Step 5: Stop and park before you ‘GO.’

Driving Safe in 2016 Step 5 GIF.gif

Don’t just kind of slow down a little bit when you get close to your destination. Find a place to park and stop before taking a hold of your phone and going to battle or catching that petulant Pokemon.

Step 6: Come out victorious!

Driving Safe in 2016 Step 6 GIF.gif

Okay, following these steps definitely won’t guarantee a battle win, especially if you’re carrying around nothing but Pidgies and Rattatas. BUT, it will make sure that you don’t become one of those news stories with the headline: Driver Crashes While Playing Pokemon Go. You’ll also still be alive.

We’d also love to add for any Pokemon enthusiasts who are worried about their monthly data plan running out too soon, consider upgrading your vehicle for an affordable new or certified pre-owned Chevrolet with OnStar’s high-speed 4G LTE Wi-Fi Hotspot built right in. (Short version: fast internet in your car.) Select models and trim levels also provide wireless charging and advanced active safety features for added protection on the road. Jeff Gordon Chevrolet also honors discounts for students, educators, military, and much more!

Got any more tips to add to this list? Share them in the comments!

Jeff Gordon Chevrolet
228 S College Road • Wilmington, NC 28403
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