Extra Mile Award Winner | February 2017

Throughout each month, Jeff Gordon Chevy employees have the opportunity to nominate their fellow coworkers for being such a great asset to the team by demonstrating great leadership, providing excellent customer service, and just doing that something extra that they don’t have to. At our employee luncheon each month, the Extra Mile Award Winner is announced. For February 2017, that person is Detail Technician, Freddie Foye Jr!

Freddie has been a valuable member of the Jeff Gordon team for over ten years.  He does his work without complaining and ALWAYS with a smile and a laugh.  His joy and contentment with his position is infectious and his pleasant disposition rubs off on those he works with.  He performs his duties with an exceptional level of detail, and just does a great job over all every day.  He goes out of his way to help every department and even the General Manager when needed.  He is loyal and trustworthy and can be counted on to lend a hand.

Some things we value about Freddie:

  • Freddie has a great attitude towards work and that rubs off on those around him. He always greets people with a hello and a smile, even if you’re not looking in his direction.
  • Freddie’s loyal and trustworthy. He can be counted on doing his best work even when no one is watching.
  • He’s a team player and will put his team above himself if the situation requires.
  • Freddie’s been part of the JGC Family for over 10 years! He continues to be someone who everyone enjoys working with.

In a factual conclusion, everyone loves Freddie! No one ever has anything bad to say about him and he is always happy to see you.

And, of course, we couldn’t end this post before commending Freddie on his awesome dedication to creating the ugliest sweaters for our employee Christmas Party. We look forward to more of these masterpieces in the future.

Freddie Ugly Sweater 2015
Freddie pulling out all the stops for the Christmas Party’s ugly sweater contest.

Freddie - Ugly Sweater - Jeff Gordon Chevy


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