iOS 11 Introduces ‘Do Not Disturb While Driving Feature’

Apple’s Worldwide Developer’s Conference revealed 6 major updates to the newest iOS, including one that will work to prevent you from texting or getting distracted by any notifications from your phone when you are on the road.

How it works:

If the iPhone is connected to your vehicle via a USB charging cable or Bluetooth, or the car is moving, the phone will withhold any text or app notifications when you opt to have the feature turned on. If you do happen to get a text while you’re driving, your phone will send an automatic text in response letting the person know that you’re driving right now and are unable to respond. Additionally, the iPhone screen will lock to prevent the use of any apps while the vehicle is in motion. You can also tell the app that you are the passenger to disable those notification-blocks.

So this is a great idea on Apple’s part to help prevent distracted driving, which is a major issue. But it makes us wonder: How would it work if your vehicle is a Chevy equipped with Apple CarPlay and Siri Eyes Free texting?  We’ll have to wait and see.

In addition, the new operating system will have Siri translations, live photo enhancements, floorplan update for Maps, a way to easily transfer payments between individuals with ApplePay, and a more customizable, one page iOS control center. Like most new iOS releases, 11 will probably be made available upon release of the iPhone 8.

Want to learn more? Check out this video courtesy of going over every new feature they could find within the new iOS for both Apple iPad and iPhone.


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