Many have been impacted by breast cancer. This October, share your story using #IDriveFor and Chevrolet contribute $5 (up to $340K) to American Cancer Society for every post or RT. Who do you drive for?



Chevrolet Joins The Fight On World Cancer Day

Tuesday, February 4th, is nationally known as World Cancer Day – a day to celebrate cancer survivors and a chance to raise survivors’ collective voices in the name of improving general knowledge around cancer, dismissing misconceptions about the disease, and ultimately debunking the common myths about cancer.

Chevrolet and Chevrolet dealers have been strong supporters of the cause for the past 11 years. This year, Chevrolet and the American Cancer Society have launched the #PurpleYourProfile campaign, in which you simply change your Facebook or Twitter profile picture purple for the day. For every purpled-out profile, Chevrolet will donate a dollar to the American Cancer Society to help raise awareness, improve research, and get us closer to a cure.

As a dedicated supporter, Jeff Gordon Chevrolet urges you to take a couple minutes to turn your profile purple for one day, share it with your friends, and help to get closer to the cure.