2019 Chevrolet Camaro LT- Gallery

Wilmington, N.C. – Took the new Chevrolet 2019 Camaro LT 6-speed manual around Wilmington Tuesday. This was a fun beauty to drive around! It gets 16 city/ 27 hwy, it is priced at $38,790. Stop by today to check it out and take it for a test drive!

GM Owners Can Now Receive Amazon Deliveries Right to Their Vehicles

Chevrolet_Equinox_Amazon_Key_In_Car_Delivery_2.0New Service for Amazon Prime Members Launched Today in 37 US Cities

Despite the increased availability of affordable, easy-to-install home security systems, the convenience of online ordering also allows for increased opportunities for porch pirates. According to a study by Insurance Quotes, 25.9 million  Americans (8%) reported stolen packages from their doorsteps in 2016 – up from 23.5 million in 2015.

Thanks to a new partnership between Amazon and General Motors, owners of select 2015 and newer Chevrolet, Buick, GMC, and Cadillac vehicles can now get their packages delivered right to their car with their Prime membership via the Amazon Key mobile app at no additional charge. Amazon recently announced their in-home delivery option to allow members to give permission to delivery drivers to unlock the front door and leave packages in your entry-way, eliminating the risk of your package getting stolen off your front porch. As of right now, both in-home and in-car delivery services are available in 37 cities across the US with wider availability

How it works:

Amazon keyGM owners who have the an active OnStar account will be able to take advantage of this service when they download the Amazon Key app. The vehicle must be in an easily-accessible location like your driveway or public parking lot – no gates or parking garages. According to The Verge, who got a demonstration to this new service last week, you are able to choose the “in-car delivery” option upon checkout when you make your online purchase. Amazon will send a series of notifications to let you know the package is on its way. If for some reason you have to run a quick errand or feel like your vehicle may not be accessible when the package arrives, you have the option to change delivery locations or “block access” to the in-car delivery service. If you do block access, Amazon will default to your regular delivery location – most likely, your porch.

Check if you’re eligible here.

To pinpoint the location of your vehicle, the Amazon Key app does give the driver access to your vehicle’s GPS location, license plate number, and an image of the vehicle based on its description. Once the courier locates your vehicle, they use their device to verify that its been located, scans the package, and then requests the vehicle be unlocked via Chevy’s connected car services. When all those boxes are checked, a swipe on the screen unlocks the trunk and the package is placed inside. The courier verifies that the delivery is complete on his/her device, closes the trunk, and makes sure the vehicle is locked (which it should do on its own.)

Restrictions for in-vehicle delivery include any packages that are:

  • Over 50 pounds
  • Larger than 26 x 21 x 16 inches
  • Require a signature
  • Valued over $1,300
  • Or coming from a 3rd party seller (prime only!)

First Customers (Video)

As with most new services, Amazon has been beta-testing this in California & Washington to get customers’ reactions. In the following video by Amazon, one woman says this service allows her to receive her regular diaper delivery without risking her toddler being awoken by the doorbell. Another mother was able to use it to make sure her daughter wouldn’t be tipped off to the birthday gifts she purchased. One man said that he is now able to get his personal purchases placed discreetly in his vehicle while receiving business-related parcels to the office. So… yeah. Watch here:

These uses of the service do seem practical enough, but as more technologies like this come out, there will likely always be a question of how “safe” it is, virtually speaking.

So what do you think about Amazon Key In-Car? Would you use it? Let us know what you think in the comments!

Are you wishing you drove a GM vehicle so you could take advantage of this and all of the other awesome Connected Services through OnStar? That’s where we come in! Jeff Gordon Chevrolet has hundreds of new Chevrolets and GM Certified Pre-Owned Chevy, Buick, GMC, and Cadillac models to choose from. With our travel assistance programs, we can also arrange to have your new “delivery locker” (vehicle) delivered to your driveway and ready to receive your Amazon purchases. Or, we can arrange a little vacation to our beautiful coastal city of Wilmington, NC and have you fly in and drive your new vehicle home! Give us a call at (910)791-2424 to learn more!

Chevrolet Offers Worried Parents Free OnStar Family Link

Over 360,000 teens in the US will be turning the sweet age of sixteen this August and as a gift to the parents of new drivers, Chevy is offering 3 months of OnStar Family Link for free! Learn more below.

Official press release:

DETROIT — With nearly 362,000 kids in the U.S. turning 16 in August — more than in any other month this year — Chevrolet knows parents with driving-age children need a little added peace of mind. Throughout August, Chevrolet is offering customers three months of free OnStar Family Link.

OnStar Family Link allows parents to stay connected to their teens no matter where their young drivers roam by providing access to teens’ vehicle locations. Parents can also set up email or text alerts to know when a vehicle has arrived and departed a destination or traveled outside a specific area.

“The day your children start driving is a dream come true for them, but it can be a nightmare for a concerned parent,” said Luciana Chamberlain, Family Link product marketing manager for Chevrolet. “OnStar Family Link can help minimize a parent’s anxiety by letting them know when their child has arrived at school, left a friend’s house or traveled outside of their comfort zone.”

Any Chevrolet owner in the U.S. with a 2012 model year or newer vehicle and an active OnStar subscription[1] can sign up for three months of free OnStar Family Link by visiting OnStar.com. After the three-month trial is over, parents will have the option to keep OnStar Family Link for $3.99 a month plus tax.

Chevrolet’s Peace of Mind Services

OnStar Family Link is one of several Chevrolet technologies that reduce the concerns moms and dads have when their children get behind the wheel. While OnStar Family Link helps monitor teens’ locations, Chevrolet’s Teen Driver and OnStar Smart Driver services can also help parents manage and mentor driving behaviors.

“Driving on their own was big event in my children’s lives, but that also meant I spent more time thinking about where they were and how they were doing,” said Steve Majoros, director, Chevrolet Marketing. “Chevrolet wants to put parents at ease by offering in-vehicle technology that shares real-time info on where their kids are and how they’re driving, so moms and dads can give feedback that helps their teens become better drivers.”

Teen Driver

Available on 10 model-year 2017 Chevrolet vehicles, Teen Driver allows parents to set radio volume limits and speed warnings and limit top speed to 85 mph. It also mutes the radio when the front-seat occupants are not wearing safety belts and automatically enables many available active safety features and prevents anyone from manually turning them off.

In addition, parents can use the Teen Driver in-vehicle report card to know about the distance driven, maximum speed reached, overspeed warnings issued, stability control events, antilock braking events, traction control activations, wide-open throttle events and, if equipped and supported, Forward Collision Alerts, Forward Collision Avoidance Braking events and Tailgating Alerts.

OnStar Smart Driver

When it comes to helping teens develop better driving skills, parents also can give feedback and spark discussion with OnStar Smart Driver. It provides monthly and trip-by-trip scores based on driving behaviors such as hard braking, speeds over 80 mph and rapid acceleration. The monthly reports also rank where a driver stands compared with others in the state or with individuals who drive the same Chevrolet vehicle.

And after 90 days, parents can choose to share their OnStar Smart Driver driving report with participating insurance companies to potentially qualify for savings[2].

OnStar Smart Driver is available on most 2015 and newer Chevrolet vehicles.


Founded in 1911 in Detroit, Chevrolet is one of the world’s largest car brands, doing business in more than 100 countries and selling more than 4.0 million cars and trucks a year. Chevrolet provides customers with fuel-efficient vehicles that feature engaging performance, design that makes the heart beat, passive and active safety features and easy-to-use technology, all at a value. More information on Chevrolet models can be found at www.chevrolet.com.

[1] The OnStar Basic Plan is available for five years at no charge on all new Chevrolet vehicles. Any Chevrolet owner with a 2011 or newer equipped vehicle can also receive three free years of the Basic Plan through 12/1/17 by hitting the blue OnStar button and asking for “Three Years on Us.”

[2] OnStar, General Motors and their affiliates are not insurance providers. You sould obtain insurance only from licensed insurance companies.

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Introducing Commercial Link: The Ultimate Tool for Small Business Owners

If you own a small or independent business, there’s no doubt you have a lot on your plate. And if you own one, or several, company vehicles, it’s probably difficult to keep track of their mileage, maintenance schedules, and so forth – Especially if you’re not the one driving them. So wouldn’t it be cool if something could just do that all for you? We think yes.

Commercial Link™

Commercial Link Mobile App Coming Soon

Commercial Link is a great new technology provided by OnStar for small business owners’ OnStar-equipped GM vehicles (2015 model year or newer). It’s a simple and affordable web-based system that helps keep vehicles running at maximum efficiency by allowing you to manage and analyze your company’s vehicle data that matters most including maintenance, fuel, location, and speed. You can see where your vehicles are at any point of the day or the routes they’ve taken. If an employee locks their keys inside, you can unlock it remotely! And, it’s extremely user friendly with simple-to-read charts and graphics with easy access to downloadable reports for expense and tax purposes.

So how much does it cost? With your OnStar Basic Plan (included for 5 years with the purchase of your vehicle(s)), you can sign up for Commercial Link for only $10 a month per vehicle (up to 15) – pay as you go with no long-term contract obligations.

If you’re a small business owner in the Wilmington, North Carolina area and are looking to upgrade your company’s vehicles and/or , contact Jeff Gordon Chevrolet – Official Business Elite Dealer for the Southeastern Carolina region. Ask for Robert Baransky – Our Business Elite Sales Consultant by calling or texting (910)538-4669 or call Jeff Gordon Chevy directly at (910)791-2424.

You can also check out current (stackable) Business Choice Offers and see if you’re eligible for Business Choice here.

New Chevrolet Work Trucks and Vans Available in Wilmington, NC

City Express Cargo VanExpress Passenger VanExpress Cargo VanColoradoSilverado 1500Silverado 2500HDSilverado 3500HD

OnStar Commercial Link for Small Business Owners - Vehicle Maintenance

Commercial Link FAQs

  • How does Commercial Link work?
    Commercial Link utilizes the built-in OnStar® Connectivity to provide useful vehicle data, such as maintenance notifications and vehicle location to the account owner to more effectively manage their vehicles.
  • What are the benefits of Commercial Link?
    Commercial Link allows account owners to manage their vehicles in order to help improve efficiency and reduce vehicle downtime with maintenance notifications and alerts, as well as manage their mileage and expenses.
  • How much does it cost?
    $10 per month, per vehicle (plus applicable sales tax), with an active OnStar account.
  • Do I need to sign up for a year?
    No. Commercial Link is a monthly subscription with no annual contract.
  • What vehicles are eligible?
    All model year 2015 and newer Chevrolet, Buick, GMC and Cadillac vehicles equipped with OnStar hardware and an active OnStar account. Excludes City Express Vans and Low Cab Forward Medium-Duty Trucks.
  • How many vehicles can I enroll?
    Account owners can enroll up to 15 model year 2015 and newer Chevrolet, Buick, GMC and Cadillac vehicles equipped with OnStar hardware and an active OnStar account.
  • Do I need to have OnStar to enroll in Commercial Link?
    Yes. But it’s free.
  • Where is Commercial Link available?
    Coverage is available in the U.S. only. Check out the coverage map here.
  • How do I sign up?
    Visit GMCommercialLink.com and click on “Sign Up to Create Account” to get started.
  • Where do I reset my Commercial Link password?
    Call Commercial Link at (855)282-3393.

Next-Generation 2016 Chevrolet Cruze to be Unveiled Late June

Chevrolet’s best-selling global car is getting an update

Chevrolet just announced that its compact sedan will be getting a refresh for the 2016 model year. The Chevrolet Cruze has been a global success since its introduction to the market in 2010 (2011 model year), reaching 3.5 million sales around the world to date.

2016 Chevrolet Cruze - Teaser PhotoAlthough the Chevy Cruze just got a little bit of an update for the 2015 models, it looks like Chevrolet wasn’t quite finished. From what we can tell from the teaser photo, it looks like the new Chevy Cruze will be adapting similar design aspects of the Next-Gen 2016 Volt and 2016 Malibu, which were both introduced earlier this year as well.

According to the official press release:

It will be larger yet lighter than the current model, with new technologies, new power trains and additional available safety features that will bring a higher level of sophistication to the compact car segment.

The all-new Cruze will be one of the first of many Chevy models introduced with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto – Technologies that allow the built-in infotainment screen to take on the look of your iPhone or Android to allow for more user-friendly navigation and controls that you’re already used to, which also means you won’t have to pick up your phone while you’re driving either. Because safety is key. Pair that (pun intended) with OnStar’s 4G LTE Wi-Fi Hotspot and you’re pretty much invincible!

The 2016 Cruze will be completely unveiled on June 24th, 2015 and Chevy has already told us that it will be arriving at Jeff Gordon’s award-winning dealership in early 2016. By that time, almost the entire Chevy lineup will be less than 3 years old. Pretty crazy!

We’ll be back with an update as more details are released! In the meantime, feel free to hop over to JeffGordonChevy.com to check out our current 2015 Chevy Cruze inventory.

What do you think about the 2016 Cruze getting a makeover? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Chevy’s OnStar with 4G LTE Launch Event

15 Malibu 4G lte GIFYou’re invited to join Jeff Gordon Chevrolet and AT&T for our OnStar with 4G LTE & WiFi Launch Event!

Here are the details:


Wednesday, September 24th, 2014 
5:00 PM – 7:00 PM


Jeff Gordon Chevrolet
228 S. College Rd
Wilmington, NC 28403


Jeff Gordon Chevrolet
Representatives from our Local AT&T Store
And you, of course!


We will be informing all attendees about Chevy’s OnStar with 4G LTE & Wi-Fi Technology – #TheNewIndependent
Jeff Gordon Chevy staff and reps from AT&T will be giving hands on demonstrations with the latest devices to show you just what this technology is capable of and how it could impact your business or personal life, or both!
And who knows? Maybe they’ll have a new iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus, so you can check it out in person without dealing with those crowds.


There will be refreshments, door prizes, fun activities, and a chance to win a free iPad.

Make sure you RSVP by clicking the button below to let us know you’re coming and automatically be entered in the drawing to win the iPad. If you have any questions about this event or other upcoming events, reply with a comment or you can email us via our contact form here!